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UC’s Construction Student Association

December 16 – 19 2019


ASC Chicago

(Heavy Highway, Design Build, Electrical, Commercial)

Completely Schedule, Estimate, and plan a construction project in a 15-17-hour time period. In the case of project solutions, the project is already underway, and a major problem has occurred. You are tasked with correcting the problem and getting the project back on schedule, and financially stable.

November 7


Las Vegas


(Design Build)

The 20 days prior to the competition are used to compete in the regional competition completing a full project schedule, estimate, means and methods, project plan, etc. If the team is selected as the best team in their region, they will be flown to New Orleans to compete in the National competition presenting your project to a panel of judges.

January 2 – 3


Las Vegas



A full residential development is planned, estimated and scheduled, including a marketing plan, green construction initiatives, and architectural designs of houses, amenities and entrance monuments.





(Heavy Highway)

A follow up to the ASC Heavy Highway team, again a one day competition over the span of 12 hours. The project is again routed, scheduled, estimated, and planned to be presented to a panel of judges

February 12





A large scale roofing project is given to the team. A full roofing plan estimate, and schedule will be created as well as means and methods for the project.

March 26


Long Beach

ABC National


Team spends a month scheduling, estimating, planning, and modeling (4D) a high priority project. The team then flies down to Orlando where they are given an addendum that creates a drastic change in their project. The team has 12 hours to adjust their schedule estimate and plan accordingly. A presentation is then given on the final project to a panel of judges with other leaders in industry in attendance.


Old Chem Building, Room 839

University of Cincinnati

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5-6 Monday 

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